It’s important to consider your safety, especially when you are looking for a home. The safety of your neighborhood can help you feel comfortable for years to come.

There are a couple of online tools that will help you determine if the neighborhood that you want to move into is safe.  You can find out crime stats before you move or even find out how safe your current location is.

We recommend that you bookmark these sites and share it others.

1. AreaVibes

Low Down: AreaVibes helps you pick the most important factors to you.

Enter the location of a place and the website will give you a livability score.  The site also maps and ranks nearby areas according to their scores and compares your area’s livability score to state and national averages. For ease, AreaVibes also gives locations a letter grade for quick at a glance results.

Cost: Free

2. NeighborhoodScout

Low Down: NeighborhoodScout gives you crime stats.

Using NeighborhoodScout, you can find the overall Crome rate of a neighborhood – including, violent crimes, and property crimes.   NeighborhoodScout also gives you the chances of becoming a crime victim in your neighborhood, and compare that with the city and the state odds.

Cost: Much of the information on the website is free but charges a fee for reports

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