Car Accident Laws In Tennessee

Are you the victim of a car accident in Tennessee,the 16th most populous state of the United States of America? Here are some detail about car accident laws in Tennessee that will help you understand your rights to get compensations that you deserve. The “statute of limitations” is the name of a state law,which sets a strict time limit on your rights to bring a lawsuit to court. Remember,this law is not applicable for car insurance claims. As far as vehicle accident injuries are concerned,anyone injured due to the crash,be it a pedestrian,bicyclist,motorcycle rider,passenger,or driver have to file a lawsuit against the individual who was allegedly responsible for causing the accident within a time frame of 12 months.

Car accident laws in Tennessee

In case someone died due to the car accident,and their representative or family members want to file a wrongful death claim,they too have to adhere to the 12 months filing deadline. However,there is a slight different to this period. In the case of injury,the time period starts immediately after the accident,whereas in the case of death,the deadline period starts from the day of death of the victim of the accident. In case the car accident causes damage to the property or the vehicle,that individual has a period of three years within which he or she has to file the lawsuit against the defendant.

Remember,in case you miss the deadlines mentioned above,and try to file the lawsuit after that date,you can be sure that the individual you are trying to sue,pointing out that discrepancy to the court of law as a part of a motion to dismiss the case,and will get a ruling in his or her favor. Therefore,ensure that you file the case within the stipulated time,and seek the help of a competent[dcl=7193] to file the case on your behalf.


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