The Shocking Car Accident Statistics

If you got your driving license at 16,there is a good chance that you will experience some kind of car crash by the time you are 34. That is how serious car accident statistics in Spokane,Washington are. In your lifetime,there is a high likelihood you will have three to four accidents,as noted by [dcl=6629].

The Economic Cost of Car Accidents is Shocking

America loses over $800 billion every year because of vehicle accidents. Insurance companies spend millions of dollars on compensating car accident victims. In some cases,the compensation amounts are higher than the insurer’s reserves leading to bankruptcy.

Actually,car accident insurance is one of the riskiest businesses in America because of the ever-rising accident cases.

Car accidents in Spokane,Washington,directly affect the profitability of companies based in Washington. For every accident that occurs in Spokane,there is the possibility that some of the injured and the dead are employees of Spokane based companies.

An injured employee will spend some time in the hospital. Most likely,injured employees will still get salaries even when being hospitalized. That is the most humane thing to do but it has a huge economic cost on companies.

Developing Countries are Suffering the Most

Developing economies are losing billions to car accidents. Most of these economies depend on economic aid from developed countries. Car accidents make it hard for developing economies to balance their budgets. This increases dependence on foreign aid.

Millions of Lives are Lost Every Year

Globally,millions of lives are lost every year because of car accidents. It is the eighth leading cause of preventable death. It ranks in the leagues of lung cancer and heart disease.

The American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows that close to 37,000 Americans die every year on the roads. This averages 100 Americans per day.

The Bottom Line

Car accident statistics in Spokane,Washington are shocking. Hardly a day goes by before a car accident happens. Car accidents have become the norm rather than the exception.




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